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Stay Cool Through the Dog Days

Getting through the hottest days of Summer part 1

Beat the Heat

Catch up on some reading: As high performers, go getters, business folks, there is always more to learn and more skills to sharpen. On those days where you must make moves, but you want to take it light because of the heat, use some of your downtime to read! Especially if you struggle in this area. Make reading your dog days activity, surely you can increase your reading consumption by a significant percentage.

Go get ice cream: Summertime brings its own muse with it, you can find it in many things, carnivals, the boardwalk, boating, barbeques, summer rain, camping, staying up all night. But there is something magical about a good ice cream parlor or Gelato shop, the inspiration you can draw there is infinite. Plan a reward for yourself for completing one of your big weekly goals. Find a cool treats shop, that’s in a good vibe location, with visually pleasing aesthetics, and they must have good ice cream. Once you find your spot make it a regular summertime ritual.

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