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Road trips & good times

There is something unique about the time we spend together during travel, and something even more special about road trips.

Now that spring is warming up and summer is on the horizon, many of us will probably be spending more time outdoors hopefully catching some healthy doses of sun and natural dopamine.

Recently I took the fam on a trip to Saratoga Springs NY, (it never disappoints) I had been there before but none of the kids had so it was new to them. We made a few stops along the way to break up the trip and try a few cool things (golf included). It just remined me of how many memories are made when new experiences are shared, and how we grow collectively because of it.

Road trips can be nice because if you are traveling with a group it can be a lot cheaper than flying, especially places that are relatively close. You definitely see more unique things when driving through different cities, sometimes spontaneously coming across places worthy of pulling over and checking out. No matter what means of travel you choose. I encourage you plan an adventure and go experience something new.

I have become pretty good at curating trips, no matter the destination or mode of travel, if you need any tips, i'd be happy to share ;)

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