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What is your purpose for life?

A very intimate question I know, but vibe with me for a second l. All of my childhood and up until now I have always heard one of the biggest questions was "what is the meaning of life" but today something clicked and through introspection the question reversed into what was the meaning that I gave to my life. so I wanted to share and hopefully you can look at this question differently as well. it would be great if you would give some insight into how you view the value you give to your own life experience, i hope to make a larger topic & to explore op3nly with the tribe more ways we can add value to our lives and to the world.


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Dennis Kreitz
Dennis Kreitz
Mar 09, 2023

The meaning we give to life is the meaning we put forth in our life. Read that again. We give our own meaning and our own purpose in our lives. What we put out there is what we will get back. And the meaning of life can be different for all of us but similar on a parallel level. But to get the most meaning out of your life, you need to figure out who you are, look back at who you were, and how you want that to help shape you into who you want to be.

The meaning of life is to find who you are. Not knowing thyself, you will find difficulty in finding your meaning o…

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