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Cook some lunch with ya favorite Lyricist/artist/armature chef!

By no means am I a professional culinary pro, lol but as a part of my health and fitness lifestyle I do cook A LOT of my own meals. I have always had a passion for cooking, and it is another creative outlet for me though it came out of necessity. I lived on my own for most of my high school career and they offered culinary (for free) as a part of the curriculum, so I took it as a survival skill since I had to cook for myself at that time. Now I just do it for fun, and to keep my food choices exciting and healthy and so that I know what’s in the food I eat and feed my family. I do still enjoy eating out on occasion and when its time to travel with the fam, sometimes it’s still necessary to pull into a drive through or order takeout, so as with anything a healthy balance is best, and perfection is not necessary in my opinion.

This recipe was inspired by my love for seafood, noodles, big flavor, fresh ingredients, and yeah creative food. Most of these ingredients I got from one supermarket HMart in Philly, I say that because some of the international ingredients might be hard to find in a traditional supermarket.

So yes! Ya boi throws it down pretty often, I have some cool dishes I could share if you folks are interested. I Don’t take it too seriously though so if you're looking for professional food stuff this isn't that place, my main professions are still Business and art but we have to eat so this is how I do it 😊 Stay creative, always look for new ways to invigorate your life with love and creativity. It’s good to know what’s in your food, it’s even better to be able to put really good stuff in your food. Hope this inspires you to make good food choices.

Stir Fry Baby Octopus with Stick Noodles!!!

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