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But it's raining

I Love the rain!

I love the rain mainly because it forces everything to slow down. To the best of my ability, I’ve never let the rain dampen any of my plans, but all throughout life I’ve known many people to cancel everything from movie dates to parties all because the sky was precipitating. I have always seen this as an opportunity for introspection and just taking some time alone. The streets are just a little less crowded when it rains, and so is all book stores, parks, museums, etc. so whenever it rains I always find myself with more me time and I gladly take advantage of it. Sometimes we too need to personally slow down, so when necessary, I open a window sit quietly and meditate or work on my self-inventory, goal plans, my focus, and/or spirituality.

The rain draws us inside, mainly because we don’t want to “get our school clothes wet” 😊 but not only physically, when we allow it, the rain can allow us a rare entry way into deeper aspects of ourselves because there is not as much “world” in front of our faces to distract us. Now obviously times have changed from when I was younger and now our smartphones allow us to have the world on tap whenever we need it, but putting the phone down is not that big of a problem, especially when there is no actual work getting done on it. I admonish everyone to take as many opportunities as you can get to slow down, clarify your goals and purpose, ground yourself, and get your head back in the game. Because after the rain is the sunshine and that’s when its time for everything to start growing again.


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