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who is lucky?

Lucky is a charming and courageous character brought to life by an ideal that, in this world we can't rely on shortcuts or quick schemes to fulfill our life's purpose. Lucky shows us that even when things seem like they are going in the wrong direction for us, we can use the gifts granted to us, and apply them to our journey to get through even the toughest times and emerge stronger and better prepared to continue to our ultimate goals.


A bit of back story

Lucky was an unusual little bunny found alone in the forest by his soon to be caretaker 7 year old Angelica while she was exploring behind her house one morning. While she considered the proposal she would deliver to her parents to bring the bunny home, she visited him daily, bringing him food and water. One day she noticed Lucky did not come to greet her when she entered the forest so she went out in search of him, only to find him marred, afraid, and in need of urgent care. She quickly took the bunny home where her parents sought to mend his wounds and allow Angelica to nurse him back to health. She would soon find out that he was not an ordinary forest animal and that their destinies would be intertwined in ways she could have never in her young infinite imagination have dreamed of.


Lucky resonates with those of us that sometimes feel like the best pieces of us get syphoned away in a world of chaos, confusion, malice, and corruption. But he would not let the culmination of his story be determined by circumstances unforeseen. As his story develops, he and Angelica undertake innumerous daring adventures to uncover their hidden abilities and discover what their journey truly has in store.

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