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Stay Cool Through the Dog Days

Getting through the hottest days of Summer part 2

It’s still that time where the sun is the highest in the sky making the time from July 3rd through August 11th the hottest days of the year. Don’t let the heat dry out your fun. Here are some more ways to beat the heat while staying hydrated and cool.

Keeping It Cool

Infused homemade sparkling water: A lot of people struggle with drinking the right amount of water. We follow a simple rule; the more you move, the more you lose, the more you need to replenish. Water can be enjoyable also, I have a “soda machine” in the home office, it doesn’t matter which of the good quality one’s you choose, just as long as it carbonizes water. Drop in some fresh, flavorful, summer fruits and enjoy.

Plan an epic beach day: Get there at 11am, rent or bring a big enough cabana, set up camp. Have plenty of refreshments, bring a beach game; ring toss, a football, something easily packable, bring a book GET IN THE WATER, there is something magical in wading in the waves that have been washing ashore for millions and millions of years, enjoy the energy. Let your worries wash away, stay until sunset, watch the stars emerge, bond with your loved ones. Everyone could use at least one of these days per year, make memories for life.

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