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Sending good vibes!

As you all may know by now I have been in the recording studio creating music to add to my catalog of creative offerings to the world. I am announcing a new song which is set to release on July 5th 2020 titled "Move you" this song while it was written before the COVID19 pandemic is to me more relevant than ever. Among the themes of connecting with each other and sharing love it also represents the need we each have to draw into a creative space devoid of all of the noise and chaos of the world at this time. For some people meditation may be an outlet, for others it may be exercise, yoga, painting etc. But for me and many others, just vibing out to a really nice song, closing your eyes and just transporting your energy to a positive space may be enough to renew your creative and positive energies which you will absolutely need to deal with the present day, to day struggles we are currently facing. Hope that you enjoy this song when it releases, this is me sending some good vibes your way.

The song will be available on all major streaming platforms, but if you are on Spotify please click the link here to presave the song when it releases on Spotify. See my short message below about the new release.

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