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You literally grow with every new thing you learn, your capacity, ability, and character changes every time you tap in to that universal creative force of information.

I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, more specifically the acoustic. Could be because my dad always had one around growing up and I used to be amazed at the raw sound that it emitted whenever he strum those strings. I Kept his old acoustic around after his passing for sentimental value and also as a reminder to one day make time to learn how to play it.

Well, when you put your intentions out there in the air, the universe sometimes responds with an opportunity for you answer the call. Recently my brother in law and his young lady dropped by for some much needed fam time, and by some means the guitar came out. She was pretty good at it, a natural even and by luck she showed me how to actually hold the thing and play a string. It's one thing to watch some videos and read some books on learning the craft but to get physical demonstration on how it goes is better than anything else. I can see why people pay loads of money to learn to read and play music.

My passion to learn how to play the acoustic is now reinvigorated. I dont have much time to practice on it currently, But just picking up from time to time, practicing how to hold it (properly) and play a string should be enough to keep me going until I can take that month long vacation somewhere and let me soul do some searching. To make short of it, if you have a passion to learn a new skill, just start on it as soon as possible, waiting for the right time is silly, you make time for the things you love.

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