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Happy Holidays from exodica

This is one of our favorite times of the year! This year will be a little different as we deal with the pandemic, we wont be able to visit and spend time with family, and friends outside of our immediate family. But I wanted everyone to know that we are still fully in the spirit of love, family, giving, and being light, and grateful.

With that said we created this digital animated holiday card which is free to download and use as a screensaver for your phone, PC, or smart TV. The original music was created by my 15 yr old son (my business protégé) an aspiring musical artist. Hope you all enjoy this, you are free to share this post with anyone whom you would like to share some holiday cheer with.

Stay diligent in your fight against the spread of this ugly virus. We can, and will get through this, let's just all try to position ourselves to emerge from this stronger than we were before this!.

You can download the Holiday card here or visit the shop and download it there.

With Love


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