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Focus on the here and now

A little piece of prose I would like to share

Can you focus on the hear and now? Pull all your conscious energy towards only that thing which is in the present moment? Why do we keep drawing away to times and events that do not exist or no longer exist, as if the here and now is not enough? Or is it something else? Where are you trying to go, and what mindset are you trying to achieve or retreat from? Only when your consciousness is fully here can you access that consciousness, regardless of what anyone else is doing. If you are not here now, you surely cannot be anywhere else. Release all your fears, alignment is only possible from the present. There is no normal unconscious alignment with your true self. It may be true that, in a mental sense, all your quarrels exist with you in this present moment, as all of reality is here with you as well. But you cannot address them, overcome them, or master them unless you are present with them to do so. Do not be distracted from your true self, those things that distract you do not carry about your battles. Love passionately and keep moving forward. Posture, focus, attention, breathing, all these powers are most potent when your awareness is in the present. Attention is the gateway; it will escape you impossibly quick if you are not fully focused on where it is. You must earn attention, but all that you seek begins there.


As I am a writer also, I enjoy creating different pieces fairly regularly though they typically stay in my personal archive. If you like this type of content and find it useful, please leave a thumbs up or a comment that you would like me to share more :) CIAO!


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